Black Knight - Black Knight Slots

Among the most popular slots games we can find a wide range of alternatives to choose from if we want to start playing free slots games regularly, either for fun, or as a means to multiply our capital.

A really entertaining alternative is the thematic slot games, but as we live in a time when the competition is really overwhelming, there are also video slot games, which have the peculiarity of telling a story as you go. advance in bets

In this area, the video slot games, you can find a wide variety to choose from, themes can range from movie themes, to cartoons, going through isolated topics such as marine animals, and even the solar system.

In this case we will mention the free Black Knight slots game, which originated in 2008, and was conceived in different versions, but the one available to play online is the original Black Knight slot. This version is available to be played both online and in the local system.

The slot machine Black Knight (or Caballero Negro, in Spanish speaking), consists of 5 drums and 30 pay lines, which give prizes by multiplying the initial bet, this will issue prizes according to the symbols that appear on the drums.

The best paid symbols in this great online slot machine are the following, in order from the most paid, to the least paid:

However, this free online slots game does not have great bonus opportunities, but that is offset by the amount of figures that pay good amounts during the regular game; that is, matching three or more equal figures in one of the selected payment lines before starting the game, after making the bet.

However, there are rounds of free spins, which are activated by hitting the correct symbols, you must hit at least three black knights, regardless of the order, in this case the round of free games will open, in which you can launch a number of bets without cost.

In the Black Knight slot game, the wild symbol is able to replace all symbols, but this bonus only appears only on drums 2, 3, and 4. When several combinations appear on the screen, this online slot game pays for higher combination of symbols, but does not add all the successful combinations, which are reflected in a table of prizes.

The slot game Black Knight (Black Knight) can be played on desktop PC or laptop with Windows or MAC operating system, without downloading or registering, or through a free download software, to download Black Knight slot machines is only necessary a very low minimum of RAM and processor, as well as the minimum standard of screen resolution, which is also very low.

Likewise, the online Black Knight slot machine can be played by phones or tablet with Android operating system, by app downloaded from the Play Store, or by Apple iPhone smartphones with their operating systems ios, as well as iPad and laptop Macbook not you miss it!

The Black Knight slot games end up being a very good option when what you want is a game to take care of, since it gives those who dare to play it for the first time hours of fun with fictional money, or moderate gains when playing with real money; Anyway, Black Knight free slots, becomes one of the favorites of the most frequent players of online casino games on the planet thanks to its exciting story, and influential characters; without counting the fluidity with which the game develops in terms of capital increase.